Why Recruit from Nepal
The history of Nepalese, seeking foreign employment, dates back to the war with Great Britain (1814-1816). Many of the Gurkhas, who were excellent fighters, entered British military service in India and in the British colonies, serving in separate Gurkha regiments.

At present, according to the figures provided by the Ministry of Labor (and Transport Management), over half a million Nepalese are employed overseas.
The Nepalese have gained a reputation for their loyalty, honesty, perseverance and a keen sense of duty.
,br> Some Tangible Benefits of Hiring from Nepal Nepalese workers are familiar for their honesty and hard work. They have created a notable reputation since they were dispatched to work abroad.

The following points themselves explain about some tangible benefits of recruiting Nepalese workers:

Nepalese workers are renowned for their loyalty, hard working nature, discipline, higher degree of devotion toward their work, high sense of responsibility and rare quality of adaptability to newer conditions.

The procedure and formalities of recruiting Nepalese workers are simple.

Nepalese workers are comparatively more cost effective and their hiring cost is lower compared to other labor exporting countries.

Nepalese workers are laborious and have a high degree of dedication and devotion towards their work.

Nepalese workers are peace loving.

Amongst the manpower exporting countries of the region Nepal offers the most competitive salary, terms and conditions of services.

Nepalese workers have the experience and familiarity with the extreme climatic conditions.
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